About Solid Epoxy

    Solid Epoxy was a combined experience level with Epoxy/Top Coats/Cementitious Overlays & Concrete Repairs of +40yrs. Not being specialized in just 1 aspect of the floor & wall coatings industry, give us an experience level that is passed on to our customers. Not just in workmanship but also in making sure that you the customer are using the correct product for your project. We also will educate the client on products, which is one of the main keys to a successful outcome.

    We are certified installers with all the products we use and we continue to keep up with all the new improvements of the products weather it's:

  • Counter Tops (Cementitious & Epoxy)

  • Epoxy (Metallic floors & solid color)

  • Garages ( Flake or Quartz Systems)

  • Overlays (Seamless showers, Stamp-able, Staining)

Industrial - Commercial - Residential

We will make sure that the best decision as to what will work for you and you project NO matter if it's 100,000 sqft or 100 sqft. Also if you choose NOT to use us we will gladly make sure you understand what to expect & look for. We are also partnered with Beyond Epoxy.

"We Are Here To Help"